Episode 024: Juggling the Entrepreneur Life + Launching, with Jasmine Womack


Today we are having a chatting with mompreneur, Jasmine Womack. Jasmine is a book publisher and consultant who teaches women how to own their voice, organize their ideas, self-publish their books and use their books to build their business. She's helped hundreds of clients write and publish their books, and develop their content for speaking, masterclasses, and online programs so they can expand their reach and their revenue. Jasmine is also a mompreneur raising her two children, her son and daughter.

Jasmine and the duo talk all about juggling two children, going through a divorce, studying for her Master’s degree, and writing a book.

Jasmine shares about her own passions as a woman and as a momma, and talks deeper about why she launched her business.

One of the biggest changes she made as she began juggling all the things was reconnecting with faith. She communicates her faith with her children with optimism and affirmations with her daughter.


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