Episode 019: If you really knew our businesses…


This week we are talking all about the ins and outs of our business and what it’s REALLY like to be in our heads. Spoiler alert: we are a lot less organized than you might expect. We get honest and candid and share about our biggest “failures” and the moments when we were devastated in business. You’ll hear the pizza delivery guy show up at Nicole’s door and Rachel’s internet slow for a moment. It’s us in our natural habitat and we are so excited to welcome you a little more behind the scenes into our day-to-day life.

We share about what we truly think it takes to be successful and how we’ve found that recently.

Rachel shares about what she wants to do with her garage and Nicole talks about her kitchen cabinets. There’s laughter and honesty and we think you’ll love this episode. Grab that coffee, friend! We can’t wait to chat.

Get to know our co-hosts:


Nicole Andreini is a mama, disciple, sister, daughter and wife who also happens to run a few stand-out businesses that support the dreamer and doer. She lives on coffee and red wine mixed with a lot of babywearing, deadlifts, and dry shampoo. You can find her surveying the cheese stick selection or making sure Joey hasn’t lost his snack.


Rachel Heckmann is an online product shop biz boss and a mentor for heartfelt entrepreneurs. She is a humbled mama and grateful wife who spends her days sipping on coconut La Croix, chasing sweet Knox, and empowering women to choose joy and gratitude in the midst of messy hair and #allthefeels.

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