Episode 015: Fertility Journeys Are Not All the Same | Nicole’s Journey Into Mommyhood


This week, Nicole is simply storytelling, with a raw and honest story about her health journey into motherhood.

She begins by talking about a particular day she remembers in vivid details, and then dives into what led the doctors to tell her she probably would never have children of her own.

Nicole’s health journey mostly relates to her reproductive health, a storyline that many moms can relate to. Her hope with this episode is to shed transparent light on the fertility subject, and how it can be isolating and sometimes feel shameful to share.

You’ll learn about Nicole’s battle with cramps, fibroids, extreme weight loss, depression and finally, PCOS, but came out on top with sweet baby Joey almost a decade later.

So, grab a tissue if you think you’ll need it, and hug your babies tight, and get comfortable with a good story over coffee.

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Joey’s Birth Story


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