Episode 014: Social Media Checkup + FAQ with Rachel


This week begins the two week series of solo episodes with Rachel and Nicole! This time of year has been pretty busy for us, so we were having a hard time finding time to get together to record. So we thought we would try something fun and see if y’all like it or not.

Rachel begins the episode chatting about something she sees on social media and wants to challenge and question the way we sometimes approach comparison. If you often find yourself comparing your life or success to someone in Instagram, you should take a listen. I get pretty honest and share some advice that I don’t hear other people sharing.

Rachel also drops some business advice, shares some health and wellness tips, and talks a lot about how she plans ahead for her business. If anything, you’ll learn that she’s scrappy and doesn’t actually know what she’s doing but is happy to share what has worked for her in the past.

You will learn a little bit about the role Joel, her husband, plays in her business and how they balance family time with her work schedule.

There’s a little something for everyone in this episode, and if you’re wanting to get to know Rachel a little more, then this is the episode to tune in to!

Reheat your coffee, grab your ear buds, and get comfortable. We are about to be BFFs.

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