Episode 012: A candid conversation about health and wellness


There’s so much we could say about this episode. We attempted to have an episode dedicated to solely to practical tips and helpful insight about a certain topic. Which, we did. However, it was not without deep dives into our backgrounds and our own individual health journey’s; which is not simple.  

Rachel shares all about a new song she made up and how she hopes it hits the top charts, eventually turning her into an overnight YouTube sensation. And then immediately unearths her personal struggles with an eating disorder. She shares about her process to overcome and how health and wellness played a role in her recovery. 

You will hear Nicole share about her own physical health struggles and how she overcame the diagnosis of never being able to have kids. She talks about what type of meat her family eats and how she used diet to completely heal multiple health issues.

Nicole then shares about her experience at the gym and how lifting heavy weights is what makes her feel alive, while Rachel shares her exercise preferences. It’s not surprising that both Rachel and Nicole have different experiences and find wholeness and health in different ways. 

While we might not be professionals in the health and wellness industry, we are both educated and come to the table with experience and helpful insight for the modern Mompreneur. 

You’ll learn what type of muffin we would be, our simple tricks to stay healthy, and what balance looks like in our life.

Like always, we will laugh and talk about deep heart issues, all while attempting to make you feel like you're not alone and that there’s always a place for you at the table.

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