Episode 011: Shame, guilt and all things vulnerable | A conversation about isolating feelings in parenthood


Wow. This candid, super raw episode is a doozy for anyone going through a time of self-reflection, self-doubt or just plain hard momma times.

Nicole starts the conversation with a topic and we dive into the struggle Nicole is currently navigating regarding mom shame, guilt and feelings of question.

It’s hard not to listen to the critics, and after a few different triggers, Nicole finds herself falling victim to listening to the negative.

Nicole and Rachel talk about the choices we make in parenting, the truth behind our own values and ambitions, and the conversation dives deep into some shame triggers Nicole faces on the daily, that she’s sure she shares with others as well.

We dive into the struggle of finding value in our work AND our roles as mothers. We talk about raising adventurous boys and raising humans who make kind and wise and smart decisions.

There’s a lot of vulnerable moments in this episode, as Nicole flushes out a deep dark place in her motherhood journey, and Rachel provides incredible insight, motivation and peaceful encouragement while also walking this path herself.

Of course, there’s tangents about tampons and vibrating facial cleansers and other random quirks, but you’ll adore the episode, we’re sure, nonetheless.

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