Episode 008: Is It Worth It? A conversation about wanting to give up

Okay, Mamas, this episode is a real, raw one. Rachel comes to the conversation with a question and we take a deep dive into our struggles with being a Mompreneur and whether or not the struggle is worth it.

We are exhausted and tired and we are constantly trying to balance it all. We work hard to keep a schedule so we can work during naps, we work at night or on the weekends, we sacrifice time with friends, and we forego sleep. But, is it worth it?

We wish we could say that we definitely answered this question in this episode. We didn’t.

But, what we did do is have a really honest conversation about letting things go, priorities, and finding value in our work. Rachel shares about her struggles with not over working or hustling, and how crossing things off her list doesn’t actually bring her peace. She really dives into her struggle with wanting to be busy all the time and feeling like a failure if her to-do list is empty.

We talk about how we don’t feel productive when we are “just” a mom and how maybe our priorities aren’t in the right place. There’s a lot of vulnerability in this episode and we share real, honest hardships.

We also talk about ambition and contentment and how we both struggle with our business endeavors being “enough”.

We briefly talk about how we started the podcast, job hunting (gasp!), and our resumes--or lack thereof.

Rachel shares about her struggle to be off of social media and how she feels the pressure to be present on social media as a product shop owner. We discuss how we feel the need to meet the needs of our audience and the fact that we need stronger, better emotional boundaries.

Shortly after that, you will notice we take a long tangent about TV shows, Shonda Rhimes, and books we are reading. Join us as we think about and struggle with the “balance” of Mompreneurship and where we find our value.

Links we refer to (books):


Summer Must Haves
Summer To Do With a Baby
The books we discussed can all be found here.

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