Mompreneur - Episode 005

We are lucky enough to have one of the husbands on this week’s episode! Joel Heckmann (Rachel’s husband) joins Rachel to talk about Mompreneurship, their relationship, how they met, and what he’s learned about Rachel since adding a baby to their life.

You will learn about his sassy side, dad jokes, and ridiculous humor. He shares about what he was first attracted to about Rachel, what he admires, how popping a blister was sexy, and so much more.

He shares what he thinks the podcast should actually be named and what emotions he had when Rachel first began her entrepreneurship journey. He will hopefully make you laugh and definitely show you a new side to Rachel.

Rachel asks him about what he likes to do with Knox, his favorite parts of being a Dad, and what it’s like to be married to Rachel. He’ll even dish our some solid relationship advice FOR FREE.

He shares his favorite recipes Rachel is making and what book he’s reading.

They are best friends who like to have fun, banter, and talk about life. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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