Mompreneur - Episode 003

As always, we start the episode off topic and chatting about our babies, motherhood, and marriage.

This episode is dedicated to interviewing Rachel and learning about her background. We learn about how she found out she was pregnant after coming home from Disneyland. You will learn how she told Joel she was pregnant, one word she would use to describe Mompreneurship, and how she deals with mom guilt. Mom guilt is something she struggles with and she’s learning how to let go of trying to be everything for Knox.

Nicole also shares her experience with mom guilt.

We also dive into what it looks like to be busy and why Rachel works to not have constant movement in her life. She shares why she likes to be at home with him and her experiences with sitting on the couch when he was tiny. Rachel also shares about their routine, how they manage play time and work time, and her naptime hustle. She shares how why it works for them and why this season of naptime hustle works.

She will talk about how to handles unsolicited advice, her dream about Kaitlyn Bristowe, and share the story of how Joel proposed.

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