Mompreneur - Episode 002

Today’s episode we kick off the conversation while chatting about poop and the power of being different, not normal. We wish that as a teenager we would have known that there is nothing wrong with thinking differently than others.

We also chat a little bit about being boy moms and how we both felt unprepared.

The entire episode is dedicated to interviewing Nicole and learning about her background, love story, how Adam proposed, and why she didn’t tell Adam she was pregnant for 25 days.

You will learn more about where she came from, what it was like in the beginning of motherhood for her and one of the most freeing and challenging moments of motherhood. Nicole talks about going back to the gym and how it helped to bring her back to feeling alive again.

Nicole talks about the prep she did in her business before having a baby and what that looked like during that season. She will also talk about what the last two years looked like and what she’s learned.

You will fall in love with her vulnerability, poise, and kindness.

If there’s one thing we want you to know after listening to this episode, it’s that one of the best things you can do for your baby is do do what works for your family.


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