Mompreneur - Episode 005

We are lucky enough to have one of the husbands on this week’s episode! Joel Heckmann (Rachel’s husband) joins Rachel to talk about Mompreneurship, their relationship, how they met, and what he’s learned about Rachel since adding a baby to their life.

You will learn about his sassy side, dad jokes, and ridiculous humor. He shares about what he was first attracted to about Rachel, what he admires, how popping a blister was sexy, and so much more.

He shares what he thinks the podcast should actually be named and what emotions he had when Rachel first began her entrepreneurship journey. He will hopefully make you laugh and definitely show you a new side to Rachel.

Rachel asks him about what he likes to do with Knox, his favorite parts of being a Dad, and what it’s like to be married to Rachel. He’ll even dish our some solid relationship advice FOR FREE.

He shares his favorite recipes Rachel is making and what book he’s reading.

They are best friends who like to have fun, banter, and talk about life. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Mompreneur - Episode 004

We are so excited to welcome our first Mompreneur guest, Anelise Salvo!

Anelise is a seasonal dweller, spending her summers in North Lake Tahoe with her boat captain husband, and son Costa (and baby girl on the way) down by the lake and balancing life, two careers, raising a toddler and adding a new baby into the mix this summer. She is a graphic and web designer working year-round at Anelise Salvo Design Co. helping entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses by crafting visual brand identities and custom Wordpress websites. Anelise and her little family travel from October to May, exploring new places and remote sandy beaches as they live their dream of chasing summer and working from wherever they land.

During our conversation we learn about the strength and creativity that is Anelise. She is kind, poised, and peaceful. While chatting, I felt like I was sitting with a close friend on a cozy couch. Anelise shares about her unexpected journey to become an entrepreneur and how she saw a need and figured out how to fill it.

She shares about her sweet boy Costa, the little one on the way, and her adventurous husband. In this episode, you will learn about her work schedule, how she balances work and motherhood, and how she has committed to decide what lifestyle she wants, and then makes her business work within that, not the other way around.

If you know Anelise, you know that she travels a lot. With a toddler. For half the year. Learn why and how she does this during this episode.

We chat bit about birth stories, what birth taught us about motherhood, and how we are learning to let go of control in every way, every single day. We make her pick a favorite place she’s visited and she shares where she could see herself living. We hope you love Anelise as much as we do!

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Mompreneur - Episode 003

As always, we start the episode off topic and chatting about our babies, motherhood, and marriage.

This episode is dedicated to interviewing Rachel and learning about her background. We learn about how she found out she was pregnant after coming home from Disneyland. You will learn how she told Joel she was pregnant, one word she would use to describe Mompreneurship, and how she deals with mom guilt. Mom guilt is something she struggles with and she’s learning how to let go of trying to be everything for Knox.

Nicole also shares her experience with mom guilt.

We also dive into what it looks like to be busy and why Rachel works to not have constant movement in her life. She shares why she likes to be at home with him and her experiences with sitting on the couch when he was tiny. Rachel also shares about their routine, how they manage play time and work time, and her naptime hustle. She shares how why it works for them and why this season of naptime hustle works.

She will talk about how to handles unsolicited advice, her dream about Kaitlyn Bristowe, and share the story of how Joel proposed.

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Mompreneur - Episode 002

Today’s episode we kick off the conversation while chatting about poop and the power of being different, not normal. We wish that as a teenager we would have known that there is nothing wrong with thinking differently than others.

We also chat a little bit about being boy moms and how we both felt unprepared.

The entire episode is dedicated to interviewing Nicole and learning about her background, love story, how Adam proposed, and why she didn’t tell Adam she was pregnant for 25 days.

You will learn more about where she came from, what it was like in the beginning of motherhood for her and one of the most freeing and challenging moments of motherhood. Nicole talks about going back to the gym and how it helped to bring her back to feeling alive again.

Nicole talks about the prep she did in her business before having a baby and what that looked like during that season. She will also talk about what the last two years looked like and what she’s learned.

You will fall in love with her vulnerability, poise, and kindness.

If there’s one thing we want you to know after listening to this episode, it’s that one of the best things you can do for your baby is do do what works for your family.


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Mompreneur - Episode 001: The Trailer

Hooray! It’s the very first episode of The Mompreneur Podcast! We are clearly excited and nervous and totally new at this podcasting thing. But we are passionate and excited to show up in your life and encourage you in your passions of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

What can you expect from these episodes? Lots of laughs, candid conversations, interviews with amazing mompreneurs, strategic advice, and everything in between.

Links we refer to:

We were eating these cookies and Nicole made these English muffins the other day. 

Learn more about the Mompreneur Podcast:

Sincere and candid confessions alongside essential and real-life business how-to’s from biz-boss-moms whose passions include motherhood AND entrepreneurship.

Your weekly shot of now-laughable mommyhood moments chased with big business dreams and cold coffee. You’ll be raising your hand with ah-ha moments while wondering why you wondered for so long. Here, welcome is never worn out and there is always more coffee.

Get to know our co-hosts:


Nicole Andreini is a mama, disciple, sister, daughter and wife who also happens to run a few stand-out businesses that support the dreamer and doer. She lives on coffee and red wine mixed with a lot of babywearing, deadlifts, and dry shampoo. You can find her surveying the cheese stick selection or making sure Joey hasn’t lost his snack.


Rachel Heckmann is an online product shop biz boss and a mentor for heartfelt entrepreneurs. She is a humbled mama and grateful wife who spends her days sipping on coconut La Croix, chasing sweet Knox, and empowering women to choose joy and gratitude in the midst of messy hair and #allthefeels.

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